Balance Ball

Equipment overview and structure introduction

Product features: The product achieves full-scale shaking and 360° rotation.

Product features: Balance ball brings more sports fun to children, body muscle exercise can promote children's growth and development, exercise balance and nerve reflex ability. Improve coordination, symmetry, rhythm, and accuracy of movement.

Brand: First Sports

Product Name:Balance Ball

Product model: 9601ZH

Product shape: spherical shape

Product specifications: Φ300mm Φ350mm Φ400mm

Safety range: edge range 1500mm

Surface treatment: electrostatic spraying after integral hot-dip galvanizing

Buried way: expansion bolt fixing flange


The base is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized carbon steel plate by laser cutting and welding. The bearing ball is made by one-time stretch forming of stamping machine. The bearing spring is made of 65Mn high-strength spring steel. The rotating structure of the product is built-in self-developed special damper. The balance ball is limited in rotation speed to protect the safety of the user. The balance ball surface is covered with a layer of EPDM rubber particles for increasing friction and cushioning protection for the user. The EPDM particles are non-toxic, non-toxic and flame retardant. It has the advantages of strong weather resistance, no fading, cracking, aging, bulging, and aging after 900 hours of aging test. After balancing the ball fatigue test for 100,000 times, the spring has no deformation and fracture, and the resistance torque of the internal damper is not more than 50%.

Technical Parameters

1. EPDM buffer layer thickness: 10mm.

2. Internal bearing metal sphere thickness: 5mm.

3. The load bearing steel plate and the base support plate are both 8 mm thick.

4. Product weight: 27KG (Φ400mm) / 20KG (Φ300mm)

5. Edge and corner fillet radius is not less than 3mm

Optional Color

Balance Ball Color


Balance Ball Install
Balance Ball Install

1. The strength of the poured concrete should not be lower than C20. The balance ball should be parallel with the horizontal installation ground. There should be no skew,offset,etc.,and the horizontal tolerance is not more than 1/100.

2. Concrete materials are:cement,sand,gravel.The mixing ratio is 1:2:3.

3. The choice of installation ground should be grass,or soft ground,there should be no hard protrusions within there meters of the safe area around the ground.

4. The effective depth of the foundation pit is not less than 200mm.

5. After all the pouring,it needs to be supervised before the foundation is completely hardened,and it can be installed for more than seven days before installation.

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