Balance Bridge

Equipment overview and structure introduction

Product function: Stand on the platform and use the balance force to slowly pass the bridge deck.

Product features: Balance bridge brings more sports fun to children. The whole body muscle movement makes the body active and relaxed, promotes the development of the cerebellum, promotes brain development, improves intelligence, can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability, make shoulders, The ridges, legs, limbs, feet, and wrists are fully exercised to enhance physical fitness and improve immunity. Promote the balance, coordination and flexibility of the body.

Brand: First Sports

Product Name: Balance Bridge

Product model: 9602ZH

Product shape: bridge type

Product specifications: platform Φ450mm height Φ425mm length can be customized

Safety range: edge range 1500mm.

Surface treatment: Electrostatic spraying platform is coated with EPDM after integral hot-dip galvanizing

Buried way: expansion bolt fixing flange


The base is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized carbon steel plate by laser cutting and welding. The support tube is formed by bending Φ76mm diameter. The platform support plate is integrally stretched by 4mm galvanized sheet. The surface of the balance bridge platform is covered with a thickness of 20mm EPDM. The rubber particles are used to increase the friction and cushioning protection for the user. The EPDM particles have the advantages of non-toxic and harmless, anti-flame retardant, strong weather resistance, etc., and no fading, cracking, bulging, falling off, etc. after 900 hours of aging irradiation test. Phenomenon, the bridge deck splicing module is made of high-molecular urethane synthetic material for one-time injection molding. It has the advantages of non-toxic and harmless, anti-flame retardant, strong weather resistance, etc. It has no fading and cracking after 900 hours of aging test of xenon lamp. After 100,000 tests, the internal wire rope is not broken and the module is not deformed.

The bridge deck module can be equipped with a built-in carbon steel reinforcing plate, which greatly enhances the durability and stability of the product, completely solves the bridge surface fracture phenomenon, and achieves maintenance-free maintenance and replacement. The polymer urethane synthetic material has high elasticity, good rebound, good touch and no bluntness, which makes the child more comfortable during use. The bridge deck module is widened, and the gap between two adjacent modules is less than 8mm, which reduces the safety risk for the child's card holder. It fully complies with the GB/T 34272-2017 ride standard.

The wire rope and the connecting parts of each part are made of stainless steel. Built-in adjustments adjust the deck tension.

Technical Parameters

1. EPDM buffer layer thickness: 20mm.

2. The maximum Bearing weight of the bridge deck: 800kg.

3. Support platform thickness 4mm, support floor thickness 8mm.

4. Product weight: 30KG (a pair of main frames).

5. The adjustment device can be adjusted in the range of 0-30mm.

Main frame steel spray optional color

Balance Bridge Color

Installation steps

When you unpack it:

Step 1: Place the equipment in a suitable position on the foundation.

Step 2: Install the equipment at the designated site according to the Installation and construction drawings of the equipment.

Balance Bridge Installation steps

Construction process

Balance ball construction installation diagram

Balance Bridge Construction process

Construction step:

1. The strength of the poured concrete should not be lower than C20.The balance bridge should be parallel with the horizontal installation ground.There should be no skew or offset,and the horizontal tolerance should be not more than 1/100.

2. Concrete materials are: cement,sand,gravel.The mixing ratio is 1:2:3.

3. The choice of the installation ground should be grass,or soft ground,there should be no hard protrusions within there meters of the safe area around the ground.

4. The effective depth of the foundation pit is not less than 200mm.

5. After all the pouring,it is necessary to be supervised before the foundation is completely hardened,and it can be installed for more than seven days.

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